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Keys play a vital role in the security system of a house, vehicle or a commercial place. But most of the times we encounter lost or misplaced key issues. Not just that we may also accidentally break any key and leave the keys jammed inside the locks. In all such instances, you must rely on reputed locksmiths for key duplication services. If you are in search of such a firm in Clifton, NJ, you should definitely not miss out on Central Locksmith Store as it has been serving this industry for more than 10 years.

The ‘key’ to key duplication:

All locksmith services including key cutting, rekeying and key duplication requires precise work, eye for detail, and committed workmanship. Every time you need to duplicate your keys, a do-it-yourself trick may not help you and hence you will have to reach a professional locksmith firm like Central Locksmith Store.  We deploy highly-skilled people, cutting-edge machinery, and accurate calibration to duplicate keys. With high-end key cutters and decoder tools, we provide you the best service at a very low cost.

Get a duplicate key made in short time:

Apart from precision, getting your duplicate keys made on time is also essential and Central Locksmith Store always offer key duplication service in just 30 minutes. Our professional locksmiths can handle various types of 
keys including:

  • Central Locksmith Store Clifton, NJ 973-310-9388Car keys
  • High-security keys
  • Laser-cut keys
  • Transponder car keys
  • Pin tumbler lock keys
  • Paracentric keys
  • Master keys
  • Lever lock keys
  • Digital keys
  • Zeiss keys
  • VATS keys

Why key duplication needs to be handled by professionals?

Be it a rekeying, key duplication or a key cutting, when you try it by yourselves or hire an inexperienced technician, then you are definitely going to face double work or increased costs. Key duplication services require an experienced person who can calculate the calibration on the keys carefully and who can cut blanks with utmost accuracy. So hire a professional locksmith from Central Locksmith Store and stay rest assured that you will get a perfect set of duplicate keys for your locks at the right time.

For precise key duplication Clifton, NJ area, hire Central Locksmith Store!